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Albany Creek & Eatons Hill Split System Air Conditioning Services

We supply split system air conditioning Albany Creek and Eaton Hill systems for homes and offices. Call us on 0458 179 000 for your:
  • Air conditioning system installation
  • Air conditioning system decommissioning
  • Air conditioning system supply needs
We are chosen by businesses and homeowners in Eaton Hill and Albany Creek for our:
  • Skilled and knowledgeable team
  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Open communication channels
  • Fast and cost-efficient services
Get a FREE QUOTE for your aircon installation, supply or decommissioning needs. Contact us.


Why you need a split air conditioning system?

With the summer expected to be blazing hot again this summer, you have to be prepared! Look at what Sarah Perkins-KirkPatrick of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes has to say:
“At this stage, we are heading towards an El Nino summer, so we are more likely to have hotter and more extreme weather, that’s quite clear.”
Beat the heat this summer with a reliable split system air conditioning unit for your Albany Creek and Eatons Hill home or office to avoid:

Damage to your house and belongings

You may not realise it but extreme heat and humidity can cause big damages to your office and house appliances and furniture. Avoid the hazard of going home seeing one of your priced furniture ruined because of the heat. Get your split aircon system, today. Send us a message.

Unwanted pests inside the house or office

Everyone wants a place to rest during the summer, but that may also include pests such as dust mites. By reducing the humidity of your house to below 50% you are also shooing away these unwanted guests.
Don’t wait for predators to come wiggling their way into your home because they have smelled a rotten small animal somewhere inside your home. Ensure your split aircon system is working efficiently, today. Contact us.

Increased toxicity inside the house or office

Chemicals like formaldehyde seep out of things into the air when the humidity level increases. These may come from lamps, couches, and even your metal stove. Oh! And have we mentioned that the growth of molds also increases in a humid environment!
Don’t take this risk lightheartedly. Call us on 0458 179 000 so we can check on your aircon split system, today.

Allergy attacks

Yes! Summer is also the season for allergies because of the increased level of dirt and pests in the air. Minimise this from happening to your household. Maintain the humidity inside your house with a high quality split air conditioning unit, today. Get your free quote from us.

Getting Moody

Temperature has a big impact on a person’s personality. Stay calm and happy while enjoying the summer heat inside your home or office. Call us on 0458 179 000.

Split System Air Conditioning Services Albany Creek – Eatons Hill

PSC Electrical is a split system air conditioning specialist. Our services include:

Split System Aircon Supplier Albany Creek-Eatons Hill

Are you looking for a reliable air conditioner to keep you cool this summer? A split system air conditioner is the perfect choice for you. It has an energy efficient climate control that could conveniently fit into any home or offices.

We have a model selection from small systems to large units that can efficiently fit into your:
  • Bedroom
  • Home office
  • Living areas
  • Commercial workspace
Choose from any of the aircon brands we supply to homes and businesses in Albany Creek and Eaton Hill.
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Carrier
  • Panasonic
  • Kelvinator
  • Akai
  • LG
  • Rinnai

Split System Aircon Installation Brisbane & Northside

We have the skill and capacity to install a range of split system air conditioners to include both single split system and multi-split throughout Brisbane & the Northside area including Eatons Hill and Albany Creek.
Let our experienced electrical team so we can recommend and install the most energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your:
  • House or apartment
  • Office or business
  • Commercial Unit

Split System Aircon Service & Maintenance Brisbane

It is highly recommended for homes and businesses with a split aircon system to have it serviced and maintained at least once a year. This is because your air filters and coil will get dust and build up that could affect the cooling effect of your air conditioner.
PRC Electrical can service your split system aircon to ensure your homes will stay cool in the summer with no funny smells blown through your rooms. Our service checklist includes:
  • Filter and outdoor compressor oil cleaning
  • Drain flushing to eliminate insects and foreign matter
  • Electrical, leak and refrigerant inspection
  • Complete function test
Don’t settle for anything less. Ensure your air conditioning Albany Creek and Eatons Hill is working efficiently. Schedule the service and maintenance of your aircon. Call us on 0458 179 000.

Split System Aircon Removal and Decommissioning Brisbane

We also uninstall and decommission air conditioning units in Brisbane and the Northside Area including Eatons Hill and Albany Creek. As needed, we can also supply and install your old air conditioning unit with a new one.
We have an array of high quality air conditioners for your unique needs. Talk to us.

Why choose an aircon split system for your homes and offices?

Don’t know if a split system air conditioner is the right choice for your home or office? Here are the advantages it can bring you:
  • Conveniently fits into your home with the compact outdoor condenser outside the balcony, garden or mounted to an external wall
  • Cost efficient cooling solution with clean, filtered and temperature controlled air for your business or family all year round
  • Economical options as you can buy one unit at a time, so you can prioritise the room that needs urgent cooling attention.
Let us help you. Call us on 0458 179 000.

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